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April 14-May 14

Show: Escape To Margaritaville

Character: JD

Venue: Suncoast Broadway



Film: Paint Me A Ladder

Character: The Painter

Writer: Andrew Hurley

Director: Alexis Noriega, Jonah Major, & Jacob Snowiss

Producer: Andrew Hurley & Ryan Grossbard



Streaming Now

Show: Where Is Private Dulaney

Character: Ray McGady (Voiceover)

Director: Joshua Bennett

Producer: ABS Studios/Hulu

Streaming Now

Show: Murf The Surf Ep. 4

Character: Louie Wainwright (Voiceover)

Director: RJ Cutler

Producer: This Machine Filmworks, MGM+, Brian Grazer/Ron Howard


Show: The Food That Built America, Season 4 Episode 12

Character: Henry Arnest

Director: Drew Painter

Producer: Lucky 8 TV/History


Show: The Real Housewives of NJ, Season 13 Finale

Character: Uninvited Irishman Guest

Director: Amy Hall

Producer: NBCUniversal Media/Sirens Media/Bravo


Company: Friday Plans

Character: Spokesperson

Director: Drew Gallagher

Producer: Quantified Commerce

Company: Markup

Character: Ad Man

Director: Jeremy Hammond

Producer: LNC Productions

Company: Planet Honda

Character: Evil Salesman (Series)

Director: Ed Kessel

Producer: Sound Imagination


Project: Bluff (Audio Drama)

Character: Hank

Director/Producer: Lenore Skomal

Audible Link:

Project: The One (Audiobook)

Character: Todd

Director: Adam Zopf

Producer: Pinball Productions



Project: Dad Prank

Character: Barry (Dad)

Director/Producer: Pretty Boy Fredo

Project: Hero Dollars

Character: President Andrew Jackson (Voiceover)

Director: Digby

Producer: Baby Lion Media

Project: Thinking In Bets

Character: Johnny World Hennigan

Director: Danicah Waldo

Producer: LIT Videobooks

The Collective Perspective (VO/Podcast)

Host, Director/Producer: Isaac J. Conner

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